For ages 12-18 Junior and Senior High Students

“Come with us, we will do thee good” (Numbers 10:29)


Vision: To be a leader in the city of Cincinnati in youth spiritual growth, education and community outreach.

Mission: To help youth develop lifestyles which honor God, to lead the unsaved to Christ, teaching them to obey God’s Word, to minister to the needs of others and encourage each other in our faith.


1) Increase youth participation among the youth in all activities.

2) Increase youth membership in PDYM through inreach and outreach.

3) Perform missionary work in our communities throughout the Greater Cincinnati Tristate Area.

4) Provide mentorship and tutoring to all youth at UBC.

5) To provide a place of fellowship and recreation for youth.

6) To collaborate with other youth ministries to fellowship and perform missionary work.

7) To increase the amount of saved youth in the community.

Ways to Serve within the PDYM

Hattie B. Jackson Guild Girls

Glory Girls Praise Dance Group

Youth Choir

Youth Usher Board Ministry

Youth Sunday School

PDYM Fellowship

Every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday at 10:15

PDYM Leadership

Rev. Alvin Wyatt, Minister of Youth, Christian Life and Witnessing

Dr. Raven Jackson, PT, DPT- Ministry Coordinator

Sis. Kim Wyatt               Sis. Denise Harris

Scott  Bryant                  Bro. Jason Bailey

Sis. Tammy Jones         Sis. Laquita Hicks

Bro. Jeremy Yates         Sis. Felicia Mazion