Mahalia Saunders Library Ministry Mission (back to top)

The Mahalia Saunders Library of Union Baptist Church is committed to providing and promoting media resources and services to support persons and programs of Union Baptist Church and to equip persons with media skills. The library is a partner with the church in fulfilling its mission of worship, education, evangelism and ministry in proclaiming the Gospel to reach people for Jesus Christ and to minister in his name. The Church Library Ministry is a part of the basic foundation for a successful education program in the church and exists to ensure that all patrons will be effective users of ideas and information that will strengthen their Christian walk.

Transportation Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the ministry is to accomplish the following: 1. To provide timely transportation to the Union Baptist Church services, programs and activities and to those who have a desire to attend but do not have the means of transportation. 2. To encourage those who want to attend Sunday Church School, Tuesday evening Prayer and Bible Study, early and mid-morning church services and other weekly activities. 3. To provide transportation service to the Union Baptist ministries. 4. To transport those with the desire to be fed the Word and to be active with the church activities to and from church and/or the church’s activity sites and church engagements. 5. To have the church vehicles filled to their maximum capacity with people.

Usher Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Usher Ministry is to promote an atmosphere where all who enter the Sanctuary will feel welcomed, to meet the needs of the congregation during service, and to keep distractions at a minimum, so that all will have an enriched worship experience.

College Student Outreach Ministry Mission(back to top)

The College Student Outreach Ministry is an evangelistic outreach to students to worship and participate in ministries and activities at Union while attending college in the Tri-state area. The ministry also provides care packages to members who are away at college and in the military. Each second Sunday in November, the ministry welcomes college gospel choirs to participate in the morning worship celebration and afterwards, the ministry members serves the students a home-cooked meal.

Partners-in-Christ (PIC) Ministry Mission(back to top)

The Partners-in-Christ (PIC) Ministry is an outreach ministry to new members. To new converts, the ministry members greet and proceed to provide education and training to new converts regarding what it means to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The ministry also explains church membership and basic doctrinal beliefs.

Food Pantry Ministry Mission (back to top)

The Food Pantry Ministry serves as an emergency assistance program providing groceries from the church food pantry. The ministry also feeds the spirit by distributing devotional materials to those requesting assistance. On the third and fourth Thursday of each month, (except August), brief spiritual messages are delivered to the people served by the ministry.

Prison Ministry Mission (back to top)

The Prison Ministry ministers to the incarcerated by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ministry members who are required to be over the age of 21 years, will visit the Hamilton County Justice Center and Talbert House facilities and other area prison facilities to share God’s Word and pray with the individuals.

Small Group Bible Study Ministries Mission(back to top)

The Small Group Bible Study Ministries provide an opportunity for deeper learning and understanding of the Scriptures. Several Bible Study groups are in place at Union and one is just right for you! Our Church-Wide Bible Study assembling takes place every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Children’s Church Mission(back to top)

The Children’s Church Worship Celebration provides age-appropriate worship services for children ages 4 years through 11 years. Services for children are held every Sunday beginning at 10:15 a.m. in the George W. Hayes Fellowship Hall of the church. Our mission is to teach children to worship Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, through singing songs that are taught and through teaching the the truths of the Holy Scriptures on a basic, joyous, and easy to understand level.

The vision and goal of the ministry is for children to have the knowledge of scriptures, wisdom, to be filled with the Spirit, and walk by faith while having the confidence to lead others to Christ, and living lives that glorify God while partaking in his promises.

Inez Leavell Nursery Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Inez Leavell Nursery is to provide a safe environment for your child/children to be while you are in worship service. The nursery staff helps to build upon the foundation of their Christian background. We do this through songs, storytelling, arts and crafts, and videos. We began each Sunday with devotion. We encourage and teach each child how to pray and the importance of prayer. We work with age’s birth to four years. Our prayer is that, if we reach the children while they are young and eager to learn, we can keep them excited for the Lord. We also know that, if we equip a child with knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and all he has done for the world, when they reach the age accountability, they will not lose sight of what they were taught. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6).

Greeting Card Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Greeting Card Ministry is to send cards to the sick and shut-ins at home, members in nursing homes, and members on the Intercessory Prayer List.

Deacon’s Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Deacon’s Ministry is to provide assistance to the pastor in overseeing the congregation’s spiritual needs of Union Baptist Church. The Deacon Family Ministry Plan is the paradigm used in carrying out this ministry. All deacons are to ensure that they stay in contact with the families assigned to them on their wards, as well as, take Communion to the shut-in members of the church. They continue with home visits and follow-up phone calls to those members who have not been present on a regular basis in the worship celebrations.

Glory Girls Praise Dance Team Ministry Mission(back to top)

The Glory Girls Praise Dance team Ministry trains teenage girls, ages 12-18 in praise dancing. The team dances at various church worship services, programs, outside events, and as requested. In order to be a part of the Glory Girls Praise Dance Team, girls must be active in the Hattie B. Jackson Guild Ministry of Union Baptist Church.

Hattie B. Jackson Guild Ministry Mission(back to top)

As part of the Union Baptist Church Women’s Ministry, the Hattie B. Jackson Guild Ministry provides Bible Study and missionary training for teenage girls, ages 12-18. The girls also do outreach to the community in the form of community service.

Benevolent Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Benevolent Ministry is to provide support for families during their bereavement period. This mission is accomplished through prayers that are offered up to God on behalf of families, preparing meals following funeral services, and any other needs of the families that can possibly be met by the ministry members.

Home and Foreign Mission Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Home and Foreign Mission Ministry of Union Baptist Church is to support both the Home and Foreign Mission Boards of The National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., financially and prayerfully, as they labor in the work of the Lord both at home and abroad.

Deaconess and Minister’s Wives Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Deaconess and Minister’s Wives Ministry is to individually and collectively grow in the Word of God and demonstrate the love of God to people in the body of Christ. The work of this ministry includes the preparation of the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion each month, preparing the trays to be used for communion, preparing candidates for baptism, and helping each deaconess with other duties as may be assigned to them within the church.

Scholarship Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Scholarship Ministry is to provide support of the graduating youth of Union Baptist Church by providing financial support for college bound scholars. The ministry also works with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in preparing them for entering college, the military, etc. beyond high school.

Public Relations Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Public Relations Ministry is to provide publicity about Union Baptist Church and ministry related activities, so that, Union is more visible in the community of Cincinnati and beyond as, “A Church On The Move For Christ.”

Trustee Board Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Trustee Board Ministry is to work with the pastor in caring for the church edifice, maintenance, and overall business according to God’s direction and in compliance with the church’s Constitution and By-Laws.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to go before God in prayer on behalf of others. Intercessory prayer members stand ready to pray for and with others who are seeking God’s favor, blessings, help, or guidance after making contact with the ministry through the church’s 24-hour prayer line (513) 981-0424 .

Media Ministry Mission(back to top)

The Media Ministry is composed of ministry members who are dedicated to staffing for Union’s television, live streaming, radio, DVD’s and CD outreach ministries. The Media Ministry also provides audio and video media of gospel messages, music and worship celebrations. This ministry provides evangelistic outreach to the sick, the shut-ins, incarcerated, college students, and those unable to attend worship celebrations or simply those who would like to hear gospel message again.

Website Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Website Ministry is to provide up-to-date information to the world-wide web community about Union’s mission and vision, ministries, worship, monthly calendar activities, and even more information that the church website offers.

Board of Christian Education Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Christian Education Ministry is to help all persons come to know and understand the Word of God. Christian Education also teaches us how to apply God’s Word in our daily lives. The accomplishment of this mission will promote spiritual growth, evangelism, leadership, Christian living and service to others. The Board of Christian Education Ministry is responsible for supporting all the ministries of Union Baptist Church.

Vacation Bible School Ministry Mission(back to top)

Summer Vacation Bible School (VBS) is offered for the whole family. Each summer in the month of June, The VBS staff seeks to spread the Word of God in an interesting manner. Appropriate instructional materials are used for each age group. Please plan to enroll!

Dr. Wilbur Allen Page Archives Library Mission(back to top)

The Page Archive Library is a resource facility with personal objects, sermons, papers, and books that belonged to Union’s sixteenth pastor, Reverend Wilbur Allen Page. The library also contains a printed and pictorial history of Union Baptist Church. The Page Archive Library is open to the public for browsing and study by contacting the church office at 513.381.3858.

Historical Documentary Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Historical Documentary Ministry is to maintain and accurately record the very rich history of the Historic Union Baptist Church through written and visual means in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the community and world.

Out-of-Town Welcoming Ministry Mission(back to top)

The mission of the Out-of-Town Welcoming Ministry is to help members of out-of-town visiting churches feel at home and welcome when they come to worship with Union Baptist Church. The ministry provides a wholesome dinner upon the church’s arrival. The ministry also helps visiting churches find lodging, provide information about the city, and other recreational activities to do, so that they may have an enjoyable experience while visiting our church and city.

Horticultural Ministry Mission(back to top)

The Horticultural Ministry members maintain all inside plants and flowers in order to beautify the church edifice and sanctuary. In the spring of the year, members of this ministry also, plant flowers and shrubs on the church grounds and maintain them for their beauty, all to the glory of God!

Men’s Ministry(back to top)

The vision is to empower Men through ministry of increased Faith and Hope, to strengthen their commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to encourage and motivate their development into mature Christ like men with His Word through Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Evangelism and Service.

The mission is to minister to men on a variety of levels, to get every man engaged in church activities and to be servants to one another under the blessings of God’s perfect Will. This men’s ministry will allow the men to have an enjoyable Sprint filled fellowship.