Our vision is to connect everyone from the community to the core of our membership together through purpose driven principles.

Our mission is to:

  • Develop our commitment to please God                                                                              Worship
  • Connect with others to become united in Christ                                                                 Fellowship
  • Learn how to transform our lives through biblical studies                                                Discipleship
  • Serve with others to meet the needs of your community                                                   Ministry
  • Share in the mission of bringing others to Christ.                                                              Evangelism

The small care group ministry shares these five purposes in the context of a small group of members that leads to spiritual growth in a three fold manner: individual maturity growth among the members of the care group, an authentic and confidential support group to help each other share the load of living for Jesus Christ, and outreach opportunities used to reach the unsaved and birth new groups. Within this ministry you will find groups of all varieties including biblical study groups, gender specific groups (men and women), co-ed groups, married couples, and young adult groups. The small care group ministry provides an opportunity for everyone.

Some of the biblical concepts of the small care group ministry include:

  • “The empty chair” – A visual representative made available at all care group meetings as reminder to continuously reach out to invite others to join the care group and resist closure of a group
  • “Birthing” – Small care groups are designed to serve 10 -12 people every week through these five purposes to be able to reach spiritual growth together within the group. Upon reaching this count consistently, the group will “birth” another group, which will designate time and place to meet separate from the original group
  • “Membership change” – This concept is a reminder that upon growth in the small care group, there will be an opportunity for individuals to birth another group making room for more to come. Despite how comfortable and enjoyable care group may become, all the members of the group must acknowledge that there may be a need for everyone to consider birthing a group (open mind for growth).

For more information about the Small Care Group Ministry please contact Rev. Shawn Pate, Minister of Small Care Groups